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Story Hour at the Library

This week I visited the West Frankfort Public Library and read my book to a lively group of preschool children. They were free-spirited and full of thoughtful questions and comments about my book. Reading to children has always been one of my most favorite things. Being able to read my own book to children made my heart smile.

I stayed for the fun learning activity where the kids practiced counting with lightning bugs. We also made a glow stick lightning bug craft. Experiencing story hour as an adult brought back all the fond memories of my grandma bringing me to this very library as a young child. I distinctly remember browsing the shelves of the children's section, bursting with books waiting to take me on a new adventure. After selecting a few, I would sit in the little wire chairs, taking in the intoxicating scent of old page turners, and go on picture walks through my newly selected books. Yesterday, I was both proud and excited to see the preschool children doing exactly as I had so many years ago.

Even though so much has changed in the last 30+ years, when it comes to story hour, I'm glad to say, things are still the same. And yes, the library still has the old familiar smell that has drawn me here all these years, and continues to lure children of all ages to read and discover.

Adventures Await,

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